Welcome to Godinci Engineering

A prospect to holism

Our vision

Godinci envisions a global-society

Mission statement

Godinci objectives are threefold

  1. To restore a truth related holistic picture of Nature and self.
  2. To lay down the blueprint for the construction, preservation and unfoldment of a sustainable global-society.
  3. To develop and design all tangible means that facilitates the principles of harmonation and maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.

We try to attain this by

About Godinci engineering

Our activity within Godinci-engineering focuses on two parts:

  1. Research mainly in to the laws of Nature and their relationals
  2. Online  design & engineering services

Godinci engineering research is of internal nature – i.e. we do this for our own account – and is at present focused on extracting the principles of harmonation and finding holistic energy solutions to our emergent energy crisis.

Godinci-engineering services are aimed to provide sound and economical engineering solutions to client specific engineering needs.