Finding holistic solutions

Research objectives

Godinci research activities mainly focus on two things:

  1. Studying the work-principles and work-mechanisms of the fundamental forces of Nature – i.e. gravity, electricity, magnetism and nuclear forces
  2. Extracting and studying the principles of harmonation

Research in Natural science

Today, because of our fascistic attitude towards Nature, we’re facing a planetary ecological holocaust that could largely exceed the Cretaceous-Palogene extinction that 65 million years ago killed more than 3/4 of all animate things on Earth.

Slowly by slowly, efforts are made by responsible individuals, companies, universities and governments to discharge Nature of Her artificial burdens that are induced upon Her through means of our behavioral attitude towards Her.

Nowadays renewable energy is pointed out as the miracle healer.

However, the problem is that most of the proposed and implemented renewable energy solutions are strongly geographic and environmental confined and/or often not in line with the principles of harmonation.
Worst, almost all grand scale renewable energy solutions are wrongly called green energy.

Let us give you some examples hereof:

Of course, we don’t say that renewable energy has no potential at all; most of them do provide overall benefits for our climate, health, and economic related things.

What we say is that, in this case, finding real holistic solutions demands a full paradigm shift because we have been misled by our institutionalized concepts of space, matter and energy, hence, have been looking in the wrong directions for true holistic solutions.

True holistic solutions can only follow when our understanding corresponds with the factual nature of things!


To make this possible Godinci research focuses mainly on:


  1. Scientific research in the field the induction forces and their dynamics


This includes:


  1. Scientific research in the field of nuclear forces and their dynamics:

This includes:


  1. Scientific research in the field of energy, spin, inertia, matter and background structure of space:

This includes:

Social engineering research

Humans, just as all animate things, are subject to adaptive evolution, however, the adaptive features of humans is not so much of physical or biological nature – humans, in comparison with animate things, clearly lack in these potentials. Nevertheless, we humans can bypass these shortcomings thru our capacity of observation and related reasoning that largely over-weighs our physio-biological shortcomings.

Human evolution, in contrast to animal evolution, is not longer simply a matter of adaptation to external pressures and circumstances, but overall a directional process that can be accelerated by all of us.

However, our worldview cultivates behavioral patterns within us and pushes us towards certain inclinations.
Evidently, here is also where the problem lays since a wrong understanding of self and the World will definitely not be fruitful for our specie as a whole.

Establishing the correct set of rules, principles and mechanism requires that we, among other things, have knowledge and understanding of our essence and being that coincides with the true nature of things.
Thus, if we want to build a sustainable world-society which facilitate the universal principles of harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose than we have to deduce, formulate, develop and implement the best socio-psycho rules of conduct and goal attaining tools and institutions that allows for the fructification of it all. 


To make this possible our team of academics, scientists, industrial designers and engineers investigate on the bases of observable facts, known things and commonsense related reasoning questions such as: