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Engineering Services

Godinci aims to deliver the most advanced solutions in the various technical engineering disciplines, and strives deliberately and with great responsibility to:

  1. Find, within the allocated client budget, the best technical and customized solutions for client specific needs.
  2. Maintain the integrity of our client’s original concept.


Key expertise

Our team of academics, designers, engineers and technicians, having expertise in different fields, are able of consulting and assisting our clients in simple and complex design & engineering projects.

Our expertise ranges from feasibility studies, conceptual design, redesign and optmailzation, stress-calculations, noise reduction implementations, welding relationals and testing, and is in collaboration with P. Kamba co-founder, researchers, and industrial designer at Godinci, overlooked by lecturer dr. ing. Petriceanu Stefan Constantin.

dr. ing. Petriceanu Stefan Constantin



Services offered:

1. Complete consulting solutions for design and realization of energy transfer of mechanical systems and their dynamic analysis

This includes:


2. Welding spare part of metals and nonmetalics:

This includes:


3. Destructive and nondestructive control:

This includes:



How does it work?

Simple, use our contact form and:

  1. Tell us what you need.
  2. Communicate your budget.

Afterwards push send!

One of our affiliates will study the request in question and take contact with you for further details.

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